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Welcome to the EzyBlox 2023 Photo Competition!

Get ready to shine the spotlight on your EzyBlox creation and tell your unique story. Our highly anticipated 2023 Photo Competition is here, exclusively for our valued customers! 
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Your Chance to win $1,000

Also, by submitting your photos you will also go into the draw to win $1000 CASH. Please make sure your photos are submitted before the 19th of September in order to be in the running to win. The winner of the $1000 Cash will be announced at the end of January.


What we need from you

Please complete the form by uploading 4 landscape photos (remember to turn your phone sideways). At least 3 of the photos should showcase the finished structure.


Get a $50 Bunnings Voucher

By simply submitting your entry, you'll receive a $50 Bunnings Voucher as a token of appreciation. You're a winner no matter what!

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How to Take the Perfect Landscape Photo

  • Scenic Setting: First, find the perfect backdrop. Step back and let the natural beauty of your surroundings complement your EzyBlox structure.
  • Aspect Ratio: Set your camera or smartphone to the 16:9 aspect ratio to achieve that cinematic, wide-screen look.
  • Full Structure: For at least three out of four photos submitted, make sure to capture the entire EzyBlox structure, showcasing the full, finished masterpiece.
  • Golden Hours: Timing is everything. Take advantage of the golden hours—early morning and late afternoon—when the lighting is soft and warm.